HP Latex Printers

Our HP Latex industrial printers take large format printing to where even solvent can’t, allowing wider application versatility and higher cost efficiency than eco-solvent resulting in better pricing to our clients. We are able to Choose from a wide range of flexible coated and uncoated materials and expand our opportunity & client offerings beyond vinyls and banners to films, papers, textiles, canvas, wall paper, and more.

Summa Cutters

Our Summa cutters feature highly complex algorithms to compensate for any deformation of the print, using the world’s most reliable sensor technology. This makes the Summa cutter a winning contour cutter for our sign & print shop.

The Summa engineers know there is not a more important vinyl cutter feature than tracking. This is why every Summa includes an exclusive and patented MicroSprocketTM grit roller.

Milled from the best materials in a unique process assuring each roller has an exacting diameter, we then specially coat each roller to eliminate the risk of wear and oxidation which could degrade tracking over time.

Quality craftsmanship is about more than low price. It is about value. With cutting performance that rivals other top- of-the-line cutters, it comes as no surprise that our Summa cutters are of superior quality & is one of the most popular vinyl cutters ever built.

Xerox Printers

Cape-based Spectra Graphics has launched a new range of digital printing services with the purchase of a Xerox Color C70 printer/copier. Traditionally a latex signage and large format print business, Spectra Graphics was eager to explore new higher-volume, lower-cost printing opportunities to complement the signage business. “Until now our business focused on large-format, lower-volume products that cater for a niche market, and while we’ve done very well in that regard, we’ve also noticed an upswing in customers asking us for more common print products such as business cards, flyers, booklets and other stationery”.

Opting for the Xerox Colour C70 gave Spectra Graphics instant access to the industry standard-setting print quality and colour accuracy of the Xerox family of printers, including one of the highest resolution print engines in its class. The C70 features Xerox’s Ultra HD (2400x2400 dpi) print engine which, when combined with Xerox Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Low Melt Toner technology, produces immersive print quality with smooth transitions and an offset-like finish.

Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 Desktop Cutter

The Roland CAMM-1 24” desktop cutter is precision and efficiency to the max. With a completely redesigned cutting carriage and blade holder, it offers great stability, up to 10x overlap cutting and down force of up to 350 grams so that you can cut like never before — even on thick, dense substrates. The CAMM-1 is Roland’s best desktop cutter ever. 
The blade offset values can be adjusted manually – which means that even the smallest, most intricate designs will be cut flawlessly on a multitude of materials.

Mug and T-shirt Printers

Mug & T-shirt presses used for promotional items.
Laminators, guillotines, card slitters & other small finishing machines

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